Local SEO

What is Local SEO and How it works

What is Local SEO and How it works

Not many people are familiar with the concept of Local SEO. It’s the way search engines are optimised to show local business as more relevant. This attracts a specific audience from your area and draws them to your webpage. Which means that if you have a geographical location linked to your business, with a solid strategy developed by experts, you can rank as a top result for your area.

Local SEO is a very effective way of promoting your business online. Why? Because you’re able to offer your products and services to potential customers in your area, and by that, increase the likeliness of a purchase online or a visitor to your physical location. Local SEO is different from regular SEO, which means that you will have to have your page optimised for local search results as well.

How is Local SEO different?

Google’s algorithms change and improve all the time. After analysing billions and billions of search results, Google found out that people are searching for instant solutions to their problems. The best way to find an instant solution to the users problem is to show the best products and services in their geographical area. This means that Google considers your location when you’re surfing the web. Even if your initial search doesn’t include the phrase “near me”, Google shows you the most reliable results closest to you. This is how Local SEO started.

A couple of years back, when local SEO started, it was only limited to desktop devices. Only recently, business owners realised that people tend to use their mobile phones more for local searches. To start ranking high on local searches for mobile phones, you need to optimise your website for mobile phone users, which is something that GWM can help you with.

Benefits of Local SEO

Have you ever Googled something and noticed how the results seem like they’re specifically made for your needs? That is what Local SEO does. It runs on the more people-centric system, meaning that the results are organised to suit people’s needs. Nowadays, modern search engines evolve around “near me” results. So, if you grab this chance and have your website optimised for local searches, there is no doubt you will feel benefits in the form of increased traffic, sales, profit and revenue.

The main reasons customers search locally is to find a product or service they need close to them. They don’t have to waste money and time on deliveries from the other end of the world when all they need is right in their neighbourhood. This will not only increase your profit but also attract more customers in need of your services. People search for specific businesses and brands, so if you use Local SEO services, they will be more likely to reach you.

Another great reason to optimise your business for local searches is a local partnership. By using Local SEO you’re more likely to find similar businesses who are ready for cooperation and together building something greater. You will attract larger audiences and make your business better- known. When it comes to customers, the partnership can increase trust and willingness to ask for your services again. People tend to trust businesses more if they are recommended by partner-companies. In addition to that, it builds brand awareness and authority in the online world.

By using Local SEO services, you’re increasing the chances of growing your business.

Our Local SEO Process

Main goals of many small, local businesses are clear: attracting more local customers and being the lead business in the field. To achieve that, the traditional way of marketing your business isn’t enough. You need to get your business on the top page of local Google searches. If you overlook optimising your search engine capabilities to function on the local level, you will miss out on important customers. This directly means less profit and authority, in the online as well as in the real world. Would you want to risk that?

Certainly, there are thousands of businesses in your area competing for the highest ranking. Working with GWM, will get you ahead of your competitors and keep you there for as long as possible.



Here’s how we approach Local SEO and why it is important for you

1. Discovery

To achieve greater results, the GWM team does everything in its power to make your business succeed. That’s why learning about your business and goals is an extremely important topic for our initial meeting. Knowing how you do your business and what your goal is will help us create a unique SEO strategy that corresponds with your needs. That will help us determine your region and the exact way we should optimise your website. We will use that tactic to rank your business as high as possible in Local SEO.

2. Target audience

When it comes to various services and products, customers seldomly search for companies that are not in their area. They need an immediate solution to their problems, and they need it now. Place yourself in their position. If you urgently need a product, you surely wouldn’t wait for it to come from the other side of the world. You’ll look for local products and stores instead. That’s why optimising your website to function in Local SEO is important.

Local SEO is used by businesses that want to be found by local customers. That’s how they build brand loyalty and authority. Our task is to determine the specific audience using your geographical location. By optimising your website for a certain geographical area, we’ll help you attract the correct and specific audience for your business. This will result in higher on-site traffic, more generated profit and larger revenue. In the last couple of years, the number of “near me” searches have increased. For this reason, being on the top of the page in a local Google search is so important.

3. Mobile trends

GWM uses customised and personalised SEO strategies for each customer. We make sure that our tailor-made tactics follow current trends and events in the world of Local SEO. As people rarely leave their phones and usually use them to find specific things they need online, we adapted our strategy and included mobile optimisation. This means that your site will rank high on desktop devices, as well as on mobile phones.

Searching local services and products on the go brings an abundance of benefits to small local businesses that optimised their websites for Local SEO. As this trend continues to rise, website optimization will draw a lot more customers to your website.

4. Algorithm updates

Search engines, such as Google, constantly update their algorithms to improve user experience. Their goal is to rank more relevant results higher and contribute to a better online experience. For business owners, being ranked on the top of Local SEO is the highest achievement they can get from online marketing.

As search engines are optimised to be more people-centric, the importance of Local SEO rises. This means that search engines work for people and their needs, trying to provide only the best and most relevant results as fast as possible. Today, search engines prioritise local results, whether the user included their geographical location in the query, or not. It doesn’t matter if the customer is searching for nearby results, search engines favour locally optimised web pages. If you decide to use our services, we will ensure your website will be on the top of the page for local and general results to people in your area.

5. Competitiveness

Our team of Sydney SEO experts are very competitive and always strives for perfection. That’s why we develop local strategies according to the latest standards. Not many business owners are aware of the perks local searches bring. That means that you are ahead of your competition in the beginning. Many overlook the importance of choosing your local area as your target audience. Having regular customers near you can only help you expand your business faster. Investing in our Local SEO services will enable you to dominate your area as well as to achieve a high ranking on the first page of search results. Keep in mind that those spots on the top of the page were usually reserved for large companies, but if you optimise your local SEO strategy your business will outrank your competition in your local area.


Why are our local SEO services the best?

Besides being able to bring your business to the top of the first page, our SEO experts are here to help you build brand awareness and your reputation. We create from 1500 up to 10 000 words of content per month to promote your brand. We make sure search engines recognise and accept our relevant and high-quality content. The content we create will be relevant and have high authority for your industry. Unlike many other SEO agencies, we generate more than 50 high-volume keywords for your website.

When it comes to offering your services online, we ensure you will be ranked high in Local SEO. We achieve that by creating more than 200 location-specific local pages that help your business grow. Our team of SEO marketing experts ensures that every page we create for you has top-notch backlinks implemented. We will also implement Schema Mark-up, an important code that sends clear signals to search engines about the exact location of your business. This builds a solid reputation with your clients and secures the high ranking in local search results. We work on your businesses success as it is our own.