How does SEO work? SEO Sydney

How does SEO work?   To understand how Search Engine Optimization works, we have to understand how search engines function. When a request is typed in the search engine software searches the internet to find the strongest combination of words in your initial...

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SEO brands Seosydney

How will SEO change in 2017? During 2016, Google's algorithm has been continuously updated. The changes that it has been going through are still being absorbed by SEO experts, but one area seems to be catching a lot of attention. As Google's algorithm shifts, other...

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The Importance of keywords in SEO Searches

The Importance of Keywords in SEO searches     For years, search engines used keywords as the most important part of searches. Prior to the increasingly sophisticated algorithm use by major search engines, keyword matching was the only factor in searches. As...

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What is the difference between onPage and offPage SEO?

What is the difference between onPage and offPage SEO? And, more importantly, why should I care? As your company gets involved with SEO, these two terms are going to become very important to you. Google uses both on- and offPage SEO to determine where your website...

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How Important is Local SEO?

      The importance of local SEO The old saying goes that all politics are local politics, but that can also be said about Search Engine Optimization. Bluntly, if you don't get the local SEO right, you aren't going to get any of the SEO right. Local SEO,...

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