Business Factors that Affect the SEO Plan

There are many reasons why business can affect SEO and they are:

1.Target Market

Who do you want to sell to? Is the market specific like teenage boys or more broad like women 25+? Knowing the target market ahead of time, will allow for the individual pages to be optimised for the strongest keywords.


What is the purpose of the site? Is it to produce content for visitors to read? Are you selling something?

3.Competitor Strategies

Who are your biggest competitors and how do you intend to best them? Are you trying to capitalise on a niche corner of the market or are you already an established brand hoping to destroy all opposition?


We have already covered that a perfectly implemented SEO strategy stands to deliver incredible ROI. As a result, early implementation is invaluable for a fledgling business.

5.The Minds of Your Customers

What do the members of your market think when expressing interest in your market? Knowing the most popular search queries of your customers and implementing them into the website is SEO 101.

6.Goals for Branding

Are there key phrases or terms you need to own?


Understanding the Audience and Nurturing a Niche

Your target audience and the traffic you attract may not necessarily be the same thing. Figuring out who, or why they are coming to your site is not always easy to determine, but it can be done. There are a multitude of factors that come into play here.


Mapping Your Products or Services

Implementing a successful SEO strategy requires you to know the business like the back of your hand. What do you offer? Why do you offer it and who do you offer it to? These are but a few of the question you should know how to answer in a heartbeat.

As we have already covered in Chapter 1, SEO experts require a perfect knowledge of the service/products they are offering. This will assist them in creating quality content, optimised for search engines and members of the niche.

By creating categories on the website, all related to the theme of the business, then you stand to attract traffic from a variety of different avenues. This is because your website will be utilising a greater spread of relevant keywords.

Anticipating company-wide evolution down the track can also benefit your SEO strategy. If you see your company becoming a global e-commerce retailer in five years, then factor it into your SEO strategy. This might seem a far-fetched concept, especially if you are a fledgling start-up. But the world of business is rife with opportunities for the bold. If you can plan ahead for these changes, then any future SEO plans will be easier to implement.

Why You Always Need Good Content

If the website is the body of your online presence, then the content is the heart. For one cannot thrive without the other. A website without any content might as well not exist. It will not net many visits and will yield a high bounce rate.

When it comes to delivering good content, articles pertaining to your area of expertise are always an excellent start. Popular, all around, content types that tend to resonate with most audiences include:

  • How to, guides
  • Ten steps to…
  • Videos
  • Why you need…
  • Live streaming (Discussed in Chapter 2)

Great content, besides being engaging, are excellent keyword opportunities. Every post HAS to be optimised for a specific term and categorised properly in the website architecture so as to be locatable for readers. The content is also read by the search engines to determine relevance. If you are an online shoe retailer and you write a blog post about holiday resorts, then search engines will lower your page rank due to irrelevance.

Link building is also integral to your content efforts. The sources you credit in your works will play a role when it comes to Page Rank.

Segmenting the Target Audience

Every audience is complicated, whether they are niche or broad. Search habits vary between men and women, the young and old, the fat and the thin. SEOs need to appreciate this phenomenon when implementing their strategies.

Selecting keywords based on sheer volume of searches is not always the best idea. If an SEO specialist was working on a blog about cupcake decoration targeted for young children, then care needs to be taken that the keywords implemented are popular among children and not adults.

By segmenting your target audience, you stand to drive the traffic most likely to make a conversion.

SEO for E-commerce Sales

One of the best methods of monetising your traffic is by driving them to e-commerce optimised websites. This form of SEO is effective for boosting sales as this form of traffic is actively looking to be converted.

This form of SEO can only be utilised for pages with purchasing options. Broad incentive keywords that compel the buyer are effective such as:

  • Best deals
  • 2 for 1
  • Limited time
  • While Stocks Last
  • Hurry!

See Chapter 11 for a more in depth look of E commerce SEO.

SEO for Branding

Web publishing archetypes can find great value in SEO to boost their brand visibility. It matters not whether their platform is for profit or not. The value of attaining high scores in SERPs is extremely effective when it comes to consolidating authority and recognition.

There is a myth that high ranking in SERPs means high authority. While we have already explained earlier in the chapter that the statement is false, the perceived authority IS real and extremely effective when it comes to boosting the brand.

SEO branding is best utilised when trying to convey a message for maximum reach. It is inexpensive because it is designed to increase visibility rather than drive conversions. If your brand is already established, then it will rank top in SERPs anyway. Delivering content, designed to draw informational search queries is the end game here.

SEO for Reputation Management

Like your own name, your business has an identity and it is important to maintain a good reputation for both. If there is a lot of negative press surrounding your brand on SERPs then your credibility will take a hit. This is all about minimising the damage by making the hurtful posts less visible and replacing them with good content.

This avenue is tricky for SEO to overcome by itself because there are a lot of outside factors beyond its control. Action is required from a variety of sectors, including social media and PR experts.

SEO for Ideological Influence

Done correctly, SEO can be a powerful weapon when it comes to influencing user opinion. By incorporating chief queries pertaining to your way of thinking you stand to sway the minds of a large group of people.

It is best utilised when trying to influence opinions on a topic that is optimal to your cause. For example, someone might be trying to raise awareness for the environment and looking for volunteers to help.

This brand of SEO is also good for making key partnerships because there are other individuals out there who likely share your ideals.

Higher Level Planning

Getting an SEO campaign up and running takes a lot of work and a lot of planning is required prior to launch. The S.M.A.R.T approach is an effective strategy for reducing headaches and boosting your chances for success.

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Achievable
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Timeline

All businesses are unique, regardless of industry. And the same can be said for any SEO endeavour. Setting objectives via the S.M.A.R.T approach will ensure your SEO efforts are equipped for success.


From the onset, it can be hard to appreciate the specifics of your site objectives when the broader ones are staring you in the face.

But are you sure your goals are correct?

You may desire to attain more customers through SEO but, in reality, this isn’t the case. For example, perhaps your efforts would be better spent with keyword optimisation.


To better ensure you actually meet objectives, tracking your performance in meeting them is absolutely crucial. SEO experts are responsible for providing regular reports to clients so they might understand the developments of their campaigns and learn if their investment is paying off. As a result, SEOs need to instruct their clients on the use of analytics tools.


These are the objectives you are confident can be achieved. Boosting traffic by 20% by the end of the year is feasible. Building a house in a month, less so. Being ambitious is good. In fact, it’s encouraged, but you have to be practical.


You need to keep track of your resources to meet desired objectives. Aiming to increase conversion rates by 50% is all well and good. But it’s pointless if you lack the resources to bring the plan to fruition.


A project that lacks a timeline implies a lack of discipline around the project. This, in turn, can make it difficult to complete important milestones. All SEO approaches can benefit from a timeline because it sets a schedule between business and client that allows both parties to track project progress.


Objectives and strategies need to be in sync to deliver optimum results. To achieve this, keeping in mind factors such as competition and markets is a must.

You need to get down and have a good hard look at your business. Answer the questions you have been dreading to answer. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Is my brand/product/service subject to any negative press and how can it be fixed?
  • Do I want to sell my products exclusively online? Is such a measure good for consumers?

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