Competitor Analysis

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    Competitor Analysis

    You’re probably aware of the saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The same principle can (and should!) be applied in digital marketing and in your business generally. Because when it comes to being able to compete in your industry, it’s vital that you know what your competitors are doing. 

    Your main goal is to rank high in Google Search Result and get organic traffic and organic results that lead to increased sales, market share and business growth. But naturally you’re not the only one seeking these results. Your competition is certainly looking to grab those achievements as well. That’s why it’s important to know everything there is to know about your competition.

     To help you collect all the data about your competitors and then transform this raw data into actionable steps, you should perform a competitor analysis. A competitor analysis let’s you learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your own business by seeing what your competitors are doing well (and often what they aren’t!). And it helps you understand the right steps to take to get you to the success that you’re looking for.

    Our SEO competitor analysis services help you collect relevant, useful data about your competitors. We then work together to  transform that into an effective SEO strategy that you can use to grow both your market share and your revenue.

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    How to Handle Competition in Business

    Not being the only one in your line of business doesn’t mean success is an impossible feat. It just means you have to learn about the tools at your disposal that will help you dominate your competition. 

    Green Web Marketing is a great partner in driving your business ahead of the competition. A competitor analysis won’t just tell you what your competition is up to. It will also tell you what has to be done in order to handle competition in business.


    What is competitor analysis?

    Competitor analysis is simply the process of finding out everything there is to know about your competition, your position in comparison to the competition and how you can beat them. You can view SEO competitor analysis as an important step in your overall SEO strategy. 

    As part of your overall SEO strategy your competitor analysis will help you identify the gaps in your marketing efforts. We’ll discuss implementing proven tactics for growth and analyse what your competition are doing well, and what they’re not. If you learn what your competitor’s SEO strategy lacks, you can leverage it to grow your own market share. Also, when you know what brings organic traffic to your competitors, you can implement the same tactics and techniques.

    Ultimately, SEO competitor analysis will make it easier for you to prioritise your most important SEO steps to significantly advance your website’s organic traffic. And when you work with our Green Web Marketing SEO competitor analysis services team, you’ll learn everything about your competitors’ backlinks, keywords they’re trying to rank for, the best content practices and their marketing efforts generally. 


    How do we perform competitor analysis?

    As part of our SEO competitor analysis services, we take the following best practice steps:

    Finding your competition

    First we find your direct competitors. Your direct competitors are those websites or businesses trying to rank for the same keywords as you, and that are doing it with some level of success. In some cases these may be businesses you’d never consider as your competitors in the real world. But, in the online world, because they are targeting the same keywords as you, they are your direct competition (while those in the real world you see as competition, may not be direct competitors in the online space). 

    When we ‘find your competition’ we look to uncover businesses that are directly competing with or trying to outperform you online, and are successful in their SEO efforts. These are the businesses that you can analyse to replicate their best practices and, ultimately,  grab a bigger market share.


    Comparing your website metrics against the competition

    As the next step we’ll compare the current metrics of your website against the metrics of your competition. Factors like domain rating, domain authority, page speed, user experience, number of backlinks, number of unique domains, top 10 performing keywords ranking on page one of Google, indexed pages, web traffic and optimisation score will be looked into. This will let us know which competitors are doing well and are worth looking into further.

    Competitor keyword analysis 

    Next we complete a competitor keyword analysis. The competitor keyword analysis is the key to planning a SEO strategy that will bring the best organic results. When you target the right keywords, you’ll be more successful in your efforts to increase traffic, bring in converting customers and outperform your competitors.

    Reviewing the keywords your competitors’ rank for helps you determine keywords with the highest potential and choose those that are easy to rank for or give you a lot of impact. We look for keywords high in search volume and those that are targeted and relevant to your online business. 

    As part of your competitor keyword analysis, we also undertake a keyword gap analysis. This looks into and analyses keywords that your competitors rank for, but that you may not have considered yet. These keywords will help you see opportunities for growth and will guide your further SEO strategy efforts. Once you find such a keyword gap, you can outline these relevant keywords and make a plan to add new pages to your website that can steal your competitor’s visitors and further grow your own market share.

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    Backlink analysis

    Another part of the competitor analysis involves the backlink analysis. If you want to improve your Google search rankings, you need to build a strong backlink portfolio. By analysing your competitor’s backlink portfolio, we can learn a lot about quality backlinking opportunities that exist within your industry, both on and offline. In fact, gap analysis is the key to learning more about the opportunities you can explore, but may not have even considered yet. 

    In practice this means that we will analyse several domains, find the best link building prospects and include these link building opportunities as part of your SEO strategy. Once we’ve nailed down those opportunities, and included them in your SEO strategy, then we can work towards replicating them to boost your own online visibility. 

    Green Web Marketing has vast experience building quality backlinks. Our link building team can help you fill in the backlink gap and meet and surpass your competition.


    Content analysis

    Competitor analysis will uncover keywords you can use to optimise your pages to respond to searcher intent. In other words, your keywords stop being random, and will instead be targeted to provide a great response for the specific query the searcher has typed into the search engine. Our content analysis will help you tailor your content and on-page experience to answer those specific queries and provide solutions for the users’ problems. It will also help you see where you can provide value to website visitors and help you position yourself as a trusted source of relevant information. 

    At the end of the day understanding your competitors’ best performing content shows you what works well in your niche and in your line of business. Once you understand that, you can use it to optimise your on-page content and build blogs that will stand out and bring more customers to your (virtual) door.

    User experience 

    Proper SEO will help you attract users. But it’s other user experience factors that will keep them interested enough to stay on your website and find out more about you and your business. Website loading speed, site structure, content that’s easy to navigate and usability on different platforms like mobiles or tablets will all affect the user’s experience. 

    A competitor analysis will evaluate these factors as well to show you where your user experience can be improved.


    Social media analysis

    Your social media presence helps you spread the message about your brand and improve customer relationships. Of course, the efforts you put into your social media presence across different channels won’t increase your online rankings. But it will improve your visibility in the online world, help you reach a wider audience and lead to greater brand recognition and exposure.  

    Getting to know your competitor’s social media practices will help you tailor your social media strategy. It will show you where your target customers are spending their time and how they prefer to engage. And it will help you to understand whether you need to simply put some time into social media or whether you need to go at it a little harder in order to outperform your competitors’ social media efforts.

    How Can We Help You To Outperform Your Competition?

    We have the expertise and tools to help you understand your competition. We won’t just present you with raw data and leave you to try to make sense of it. We’ll take all that data and complete a thorough SEO competitor analysis for you. We’ll break down the analysis into actionable steps that you can then take to outperform your competitors online and in the real world.

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    Why are our SEO services the best?

    Our competitor analysis services are an important part of your SEO strategy, and your overall strategy is what we do best. Besides bringing your business to the top of the first page of the search results pages, our SEO experts are here to help you spread brand awareness and build your reputation. We create from 1,500 to 10,000 words of relevant, high-quality content per month to promote your brand, and we make sure search engines recognise and accept that content. 

    Unlike many other SEO agencies in Sydney, we also generate more than 50 high-volume keywords for your website which we utilise and implement in your content to drive more traffic. So while this builds a solid reputation with your clients it also secures a high ranking in local search results. 

    To guarantee you will rank high in local search engine results, we create dozens of location-specific local pages that help your business grow. Our team of SEO marketing experts ensures that every significant page on your website also gets appropriate external links for increased exposure. And we implement schema markup for your website to highlight any advantages your business has over your competitors. 

    At the end of the day, we work on your business’s success as if it’s our own from your competitor analysis to your entire SEO strategy.

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