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    Digital marketing is just a term that refers to all types of advertising in the online world. But though it’s simple in theory, it can be a complex endeavour. And getting it right is a vital part of your marketing strategy today. 

    Businesses connect best with their customers by meeting them in the places where they spend most of their time. And in today’s world, that’s online. This means you need to be leveraging the digital channels that your customers and potential customers use​​ like search engines (Google!) , social media, email, mobile and websites. 

    In the modern business world, if you aren’t marketing online, you might as well be invisible. 

    But just getting online isn’t enough. To reach the most customers and drive business growth and revenue, companies have to utilise engagement marketing techniques as part of their overall digital marketing strategy, as well. 

    Engagement marketing requires you to actively interact with potential and returning customers using data that you collect over time. Thanks to this data collection, you can see what consumers need and respond to that directly with targeted offers and services. Data collection also helps tailor your marketing, saving you time and money and keeping consumers from seeing ads that simply aren’t relevant to them.

    Your digital marketing campaign should draw you closer to your target audience and enable you to show them who you are and how you can help. Finding out which platforms your customers are using means you can directly promote your products and services to the people who need them. And, if you create a strong digital presence for your business, your clients will always be able to find you. That’s a win.



    No matter what industry or type of business you’re in — app developer or carpenter, stylist or accountant — your business will garner major benefits from digital marketing. Here’s how:

    • benefit1

      Get a global reach — A great website allows you to tap into new markets and do business globally without spending a fortune.

    • benefit2

      Lower cost If you plan your digital marketing campaign well, you can target the right customers, at the right time and at a much lower price than with traditional marketing methods.

    • benefit3

      Measurable results — Online analysis tools are fantastic, and using web analytics and other online metric tools for measuring your marketing results significantly increases the success of your campaigns. And by collecting detailed information about how customers use your website or react to your promotional content, you can create future campaigns that deliver even better outcomes.

    • benefit4

      Personalisation By connecting your customer database to your website, you can create targeted offers and present them to your website visitors. The more sales your website has, the more you can perfect your customer profile and offer them what they really need.

    • benefit5

      Openness  Getting engaged with social media channels and managing your profiles thoughtfully, will grow customer awareness and loyalty and create a memorable brand with an excellent reputation.

    • benefit6

      Social value Digital marketing lets you create engaging, eye (and ear) catching campaigns using content marketing strategies. The better the campaign, the more chance your content will go viral and start being shared among users.

    • benefit7

      Improved conversion rates A well made website makes it easy for customers to buy from you, book a call or get in touch with only a few clicks. This means significantly more conversions over time. And, as opposed to other marketing techniques, digital marketing gives you continuous and immediate conversions.


    How Can a Digital Agency Help Your Business?

    As a digital marketing agency our job is to help you reach more customers, increase sales and grow your business and that’s just what we do. We can help you whether you’re an individual who wants to promote your personal brand, or a company that needs to raise awareness of their products or services. The tactics best suited for reaching your customers and prospective customers and promoting your unique products or services will, of course, depend on your brand and your industry. But when you work with a digital marketing agency (that’s us!) your only task is to give us your brand and services or product information, and let us tailor your campaign according to your needs, goals and specifications. We will put together a knock-it-out-of-the-park campaign that does all that and more.

    While we have virtually limitless digital marketing strategies available, here are some of our most commonly targeted outcomes:

    • AwarenessWe’ll develop initial brand awareness by connecting you with your target audience (and vice versa!). We strategically target them online using social media platforms, Google search engine or influencer marketing.
    • Engagement—Online engagement between your brand and your customer is pretty important (vital, really) and we’ll utilise techniques to increase this across your online presence. We’ll also monitor common engagement metrics, such as bounce rates, page views, average session duration and conversion rates to ensure that we’re growing that engagement. 
    • SalesIncreasing customer awareness and engagement, increases customer loyalty. Increasing customer loyalty increases sales. And, having a user-friendly website can help with every one of those steps.
    • Increase market shareWell-designed digital marketing campaigns and increased sales, means you can grab and hold onto more of the market than your competitors. As your digital marketing agency we’ll analyse your competitors, identify your opportunities and, ultimately, increase your market share.

    Our Digital Marketing Services

    Our digital marketing services are designed with your needs in mind. That means they will help you become more competitive in your market, get better marketing outcomes and achieve considerable return on investment in less time. All good things.

    As professionals, we will customise a detailed internet marketing strategy that will optimise and enhance your presence and reputation on the digital marketing platforms where you need to be. Your customers will find you, engage with you and want to work with you and buy from you, in no time.

    We keep your budget in mind, too. Our digital marketing services are affordable, efficient, measurable and specifically targeted to your desired outcomes. But each one has different advantages and will be best suited to specific goals or phases in your business operations. We offer a wide range of online marketing solutions so that we can use those that are most suitable for fulfilling your business goals at your current stage, and into the future.

    Our main focus is to help you grow your business. We do that by being experts at what we do. And by backing it up with a superior level of service. Our team of digital marketing specialists and engineers are here to give you the best results, of course, but we’re also friendly, courteous, upfront and available, as well. So, when we say we can offer you the best digital marketing services in Australia, we really mean it.


    • SEO

      Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is just a fancy way of saying that we get Google (and Yahoo and Bing…) to notice you. SEO is a process of using tailored strategies to raise your website’s ranking position. To do this we perform extensive keyword research, conduct all phases of optimisation, from on-page SEO to off-page SEO (link building) and keep a record of your results with Google Search Console. We always use white-hat SEO methods[link to white hat/black hat explanation]. And using these techniques, combined with a thorough keyword research process, we can help you reach higher organic rankings and increase your visibility in search results. And that means more calls, more sales and more revenue.

      SEO will give you long-term results that will continue to bring benefits to your business even if you pause your campaign or decide to try different marketing strategies. Our professional, high-quality approach will steadily position you on the top of search results and guarantee that you stay there despite constant Google algorithm changes.

    • Google Ads Management

      Google Ads is another method for online advertising. It’s an excellent way to promote your product or services at various stages in your business using Google’s own platform. Some of the benefits of Google Ads (or pay-per-click or PPC) is that you can promote yourself to a large number of prospective customers in a specific geographic area. Or even target/retarget audiences with related interests as your returning buyers. Our tailored PPC campaign will help you to reach and target your customers quickly.

      We’ll help you achieve high conversion rates while keeping your costs at a reasonable level by giving you our full, undivided attention on a daily basis. Our team sets a daily budget for each campaign, creates targeted ads and optimises your bidding strategies by choosing bids for each ad group and keyword. We also take into account seasonal trends to advertise your products and generate high-volume leads and traffic.

      Our Adwords package includes a comprehensive campaign overview and setup, and the creation of a landing page. So, you can rest easy knowing your campaign is in the hands of our expert professional team.

    • Content Creation

      Your website’s content is the basis of your SEO. And it’s the main reason most people visit your site. All the content we produce will be written beautifully, accurately and with the most modern, up-to-date and freshest news and trends on the market to ensure we satisfy both your reader and Google’s high standards.

      Our headlines draw attention, we use only high-performing keywords and we include visuals and organise your posts to make reading easier. And in every situation, we will focus on the areas that will produce the highest results for your business.

      Our highly qualified writers and copywriters will collaborate with you directly to apply the right tone and tailor the voice and style to your brand. Of course every piece of content we provide to you will go through a rigorous editing and proofreading process.

      Our expert content creators guarantee that they will apply all their creativity to your project, to create knowledgeable, authoritative and compelling content. We’re in it for the long haul, as your content creation partner, no matter what your goals are.

    • Web Development

      A well-built website is not a guarantee of online success. In fact, you can have the most advanced and well-functioning website, but if it’s not in line with Google’s guidelines for SEO, you simply can’t succeed.
      This happens more often than you’d think because most web developers and designers aren’t creating websites with SEO in mind. This means that your beautiful new website will suffer from low website visibility (and your business will suffer from low conversions!). It is SEOs job to bring things in order and get you seen.

      At Green Web Marketing we take a comprehensive approach to website development. We will design and develop your website to ensure that it looks great and works well, all while continuing to focus on content and SEO to ensure that every detail is in line with Google’s recommendations. We’ve got it all in hand — from performance (CLS and LCP optimisations) to keyword optimised content — and our experts will ensure that your website does just what it’s meant to do. Give you reach, sales and revenue.

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    Why are our digital marketing services the best?

    Besides bringing your business to the top of the first page, our SEO experts are here to help you build brand awareness and increase your reputation. We create from 1,500 up to 10,000 words of content per month to promote your brand. We make sure search engines recognise and accept our relevant and high-quality content. And, unlike many other SEO agencies in Sydney, we generate and implement more than 50 high-volume keywords for your website. 

    We also ensure you rank high in local search engine results, so that those who are near you, find you easily and quickly. We achieve that by creating dozens of location-specific pages that drive local traffic and help your business grow. 

    Our team of SEO marketing experts also make sure that every significant page on your website gets great exposure by using targeted external links. And we implement schema markup for your website to highlight any advantages your business has over your competitors. This builds a solid reputation with your clients and secures a high ranking in local search results. 

    Every day, we work on your business’s success as if it’s our own. 

    Marketing is about connecting with your audience in the right place, at the right time and with the right message. And that’s online. Digital marketing strategies get you there.

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