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Being the most populous city in Australia, it is vital to know your audience well. When you could potentially see millions of visitors to your website annually with the right tools, the professionals at Green Web Marketing want to give you the knowledge to use those tools.

Google Analytics is a tool used to gather data from your website in order to collect information that can be used to enhance your web presence. Whether you are brand-new to Google Analytics, or you’ve been using it for a while and need advice, our consultants will make sure that it works for you.

Green Web Marketing’s professional staff works with Google as well as your small business to create custom variables to help measure data. Google Analytics can help create segments that are used for marketing and further research, as well as experimentation and customization. These segments include demographic information, behavioral information, marketing and online sales data, and more. The importance of customization lies in the need to cater how the data is used in order to best help your business to succeed.

Data Reporting

Data is defined as facts and statistics reported for reference and analysis – Google Analytics will certainly make it more interesting than its primary definition. Although it can be tedious, collecting data is important in order to know your market, segment and report findings for a better end product.

With Google Analytics, you will see how users find and use your website, and how you can use this information to your advantage. Initially when data is collected, this provides a singular and more complete look at your customer base. Data can be accessed online or via a Google mobile app, and is reported in real-time.


Tag Management

Tag management should be straightforward, dependable, and easy to fit into your current systems. It helps you to make quicker decisions because programs will launch faster. With Google Tag Management, the professionals at Green Web Marketing will be able to add and update your tags, website analytics as well as remarketing plans. Google tag management also supports third-party tags.

Google Tag Manager increases the usability of tags, despite being created for marketers. Webmasters and Information Technology professionals will also find Google tag management easy to manipulate. Two of Google’s tag management tools include Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360. Small to medium sized businesses will use Google Tag Manager, while larger businesses use Tag Manager 360.

These programs provide project workspaces, multi-user, as well as serving your mobile app, your online web page, and Accelerated Mobile Pages. In today’s world, mobile accessibility is a necessity for users and marketing professionals. Cover your ground in Sydney with the right tags that give you the best results!


Grow Success Today

Green Web Marketing is the only agency in Australia that is expertly trained in Google Algorithm. With research centers in Europe and Asia coupled with our expertise in Google Analytics, we are confident that we can help build a campaign that increases your business’s online and marketing strength.

Because we understand that being able to use the data gathered from your website does not provide instantaneous results, building a substantial web campaign is important. Sydney is a large city rich in locals and tourists, so make sure that your web presence can thrive for both demographics.

For all local business owners, Green Web Marketing offers a free consultation for perspective clients with one of our experienced professionals in order to help you reach success! There is no risk, no fee – we want to tailor your experience and help you reach your goals.


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