Do you know that as much as 30% of consumers report having a very positive reaction to retargeted ads? That’s why today, every 5th digital marketer invests in Google remarketing campaigns, and if you’re not one of them – you might be further behind your competitors than you think!

But what is Google remarketing?

Also known in web marketing circles as retargeting, it represents a form of online advertising which allows you to show your ads to internet users who have already visited your website in the past. While they’re searching the web, watching YouTube videos, skimming through news websites – you’ll be popping up, subconsciously motivating them come back for more.

At Green Web Marketing, we believe in the power of Google remarketing methods, since they proved to boost ad response up to 400%! We’ll be by your side every step of the way, from defining your target audience and finding your past visitors, to designing a customized retargeting campaign that will boost your sales and improve your conversions.

For starters, we will collaborate on establishing whether it will be more profitable for your business to target all people who have visited your homepage, or should you approach the entire process a bit more narrowly, increasing the relevancy and lowering CPC (cost per click).

Google remarketing aids you in connecting with your potential clients. Ultimately, you’re bound to see improved conversion rates, increased traffic and sales boost.

Still not convinced you should invest in Google remarketing? What if we told you retargeting ad costs are extremely low on a per-click basis? Namely, if you’re operating in a competitive industry, search ads can cost only several dollars per click. You can keep the costs of retargeting even lower by combining this form of marketing with conversion filtering, contextual targeting, frequency capping, etc.

We understand the terminology might be unfamiliar – that’s why Green Web Marketing has a reliable team at your disposal to guide you through the entire process seamlessly. Our expert team will create a highly targeted Google remarketing strategy which will increase the relevancy of your ads and put them in front of people who are likely to be in need of your products or services.

Google remarketing is a method utilised by some of the biggest names of the ecommerce industry, like Amazon and Ebay. It is a tactful way for a business of any size to put its brand in front of people who have already expressed interest in what that business has to offer. Green Web Marketing SEO professionals will help you collect information about individuals who have visited your website and use that data to customize a Google remarketing campaign that will narrow your target demographic and select those who are most likely to convert.

We are known Sydney-wide for our rich array of remarketing services, so we are more than certain our hard-working in-house team will be able to assist you with the company growth. Collaboration with Green Web Marketing will give you the best value for your money, so get in touch with us now and watch your sales rise tomorrow!

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