Impact of Rich Snippets

Rich snippets take the boost of meta descriptions an extra step further by conveying additional information in SERPs. This can include page elements such as reviews, products, prices, etc.

A rich snippet is good because they are proven to boost click rates and add credibility. The former is especially good for rankings, because search engines like to measure traffic engagement and bounce rates. Observe Figure 6.6 and see how the snippets work to make options more attractive.

Figure 6.6

Content Uniqueness and Depth

Having content that stands out from the crowd is an important factor of the search engine algorithms. Being original can be a headache for content creators, as the doorway of creativity seems to get thinner by the day.

Google in particular, has a habit of keeping the herd thinned when it comes to content originality. If your posts are lesser rehashes of what has already come before, then you will be penalised or potentially unindexed in especially bad circumstances.

Volume of content uniqueness is also a factor in SEO. Even if you have an original concept, if you deliver an unsatisfactory amount then the search engines may not rank you highly. The milestones search engines look for are not commonly known but there are some strong theories.

  • Duplicated (similarly named) title and meta descriptive tags could be penalised by search engines.
  • Unique text, the volume depends on the length of content.
  • Original multimedia, even though they may not have eyes, search engines have become better equipped when it comes to measuring ranking for the visual elements of a page.

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