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Do you want to be the next digital marketer in the making – you do! Green Web Marketing is glad to see you here! We are not only obsessive about what we do – but want you to become the next creative marketer online with our Digital Marketing Scholarship by presenting you with student funding.

Why We Are Helping You

In Australia, alone digital marketing has grown immensely and as one of the leading SEO and SEM marketers, we want the next digital marketing gurus to have the expertise and knowledge to take this energetic ability forward. You can only benefit from learning the most highly developed online marketing approaches with the best plans in place.

If you’re currently studying Business, Computer Science, Digital Design, Information Technology, or Marketing this grant is for you. The scholarships aimed to help you to enhance your abilities, increase your overall knowledge and to advance your work.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Google AdWords, Analytics, Conversion, and Call Tracking we are the leaders in the field –we have worked with some of the well-known businesses in Australia and worldwide.

We want to help you by providing you with a $1000 towards your education – additionally, the winning candidate will learn all the important business and marketing skills from a leading digital agency.

Appropriate Requirements

Want consideration for the Digital Marketing Scholarship – we need the following criteria from you:

  • Must currently be studying the listed criterion mentioned such as Business, Computer Science, Digital Design, Information Technology, or Marketing
  • Must be a full-time student at any of the Universities in Australia
  • Must be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia
  • Must prove that you’re currently studying as a full-time student

All students throughout the country can apply even if you’re living in the outer skirts of the main cities.


Green Web Marketing will assess you according to your academic results, your enthusiasm for digital marketing and web design, your eagerness to gain more experience and willing to learn. We want to make sure that you’re able to add value and contribute to the digital marketing world. You need to be able to express your career ambition and upcoming endeavours in the IT world.

The Assignment

To be one of the successful applicants for the Green Web Marketing Study Program there are certain requirements we need from you:

  1. By sending us a cover letter that consists of your future goals and the accomplishments you want to achieve, your passion related to digital and website technology, and why you feel you deserve this scholarship
  2. Your most recent educational record

Additionally, you need to write a 1000-word article where you’ll depict an online marketing project on the following: You’re working for a “Women Dress” e-commerce website. Their main sales consist mostly of selling womens clothing, shoes, and accessories online throughout Australia. They have asked you to help them with increasing their online exposure making their brand stand out online to boost sales and traffic to their website by using Google AdWords.

In your proposal, you need to provide them with a strategy depicting detailed information on why you chose your course of action, and what your prospective outcome will be for the project that leads to the best outcome in expanding the growth of the company in Australian market.

Green Web Marketing will select the best candidate, according to their inventive facts presented in the campaign – what your impact will be with your existing information, and how unproblematic it will be to implement.

The Benefits When Applying

  • A AUD $1,500 scholarship you can use to go to different marketplace seminars to further your schooling
  • You will receive the best work experience related to digital marketing
  • You will be able to present your online marketing campaign to the Green Web Marketing team
  • Your online marketing strategy featured online through the Green Web Marketing site and receive social network exposure on different social media platforms


By sending us your article related to online marketing and CV/Resume to scholarship@gwm.com.au

The deadline for applications closes on the 30th Sep 2017

The successful candidate will receive a notification on or before the 31st September 2017

If you are uncertain, about the above-mentioned requirements, you can contact us directly on 1800 170 681 and chat with our team!


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Our 120 Day Guarantee

Few Australian companies are running around claiming they can get your website on the front page of Google within 90 days but they can’t back it up. Here is the real deal. We guarantee that that we will get you results within 120 days – 30 days longer, true, but a lot more realistic – and that we can show improved page results every step of the way and from the very first month.

Silkwood Medical: Moved to page #1 of Google in 88 days: Revision Rhinoplasty Sydney: 3,000+,  Coolsculpting Sydney: 33,000, Ultherapy Sydney: 50,000 search, Dermabrasion Sydney: 30,000+, Cheek Implants Sydney: 6,000+, and 20+ more Major keywords moved to Page #1 of Google in less than 3 months.

Camera Warehouse: Moved topage #1 of Google in 120 days:  Camera Backpack: 14,800+, Pentax Binoculars: 1,900,  Tripod Bags: 2,000, nd filters: 3,600+, Camera Straps: 12,100+, and 40+ more Major keywords moved to Page #1 of Google in less than 4 months.




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