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They say that Gen X is the most entrepreneurial so far but that’s not all – they are the most digitally dependent, as well. Namely, the upcoming generation of students are bound to search the web prior to making a final decision about the school they are going to attend. So how do you direct them towards YOUR educational institution?

In today’s day and age Google represents a list generator more relevant than Times Higher Education World University Ranking list. With this in mind, to get on that first page you’ll need top quality SEO for education strategy and Green Web Marketing has a professional team that can guarantee you just that. We promise to focus on designing a specialised digital marketing strategy that will suit your educational institution and help you reach out to the right audience. That is, students who have expressed interest in your school and the programs that you have to offer.

In order to create an effective education SEO strategy, Green Web Marketing professionals will help identify the best keywords to focus on in order to grab the attention of students who are on the hunt for the programs you are offering. Furthermore, our web marketing team will help you beat your competitors who offer the same or similar programs as you and help you become the top search engine ranked educational institution in your niche, city or a region.

Like the educational system, Google also frowns upon cheating. At Green Web Marketing we understand there are no shortcuts, no disobeying the rules and no cheating! Opt for our white hat educational SEO services and you’re bound to experience stellar success.






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We are veterans of many SEO companies in the past and nothing can compare to either the customer service or, more importantly, the results gained from GWM.



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