Ben Kierath chose Green Web marketing for two of his businesses, Hoselink and True Protein.
In the video, Ben explains the service he received as well as some extraordinary results.


SEO Hunter Valley

Our expert staff at Green Web Marketing understand that your local business and your local area have many things to offer and should constantly seek improvement. We have a few considerable tools in order to help your business improve their online presence, drive sales and attract new visitors.


SEO Services

Our consultants provide clients with expert advice regarding SEO service, keyword optimisation and a personalised campaign to show you how your small business can succeed on the web. Because of the expanse of the area, there are many different keywords and attractions that you should consider when working with one of our consultants.

We will not only work to expand your company’s online presence, but also to optimise your business’s search engine rankings. This is crucial to a consumer’s ability to find your business and, thus, to invest in your products, services, or local attractions and events.


Web Design Suited For The Hunter Valley

Because of the vastness of the Hunter Valley, there are bound to be many untapped web visitors for local businesses. When a person chooses a place to go on holiday, they want to know local restaurants, local hotels and bed and breakfast locations, and certainly where the most popular attractions are in the area. The staff at GWM will be able to make sure that your website is able to attract and keep these visitors and ensure that they not only go to your website but also choose to visit your location as well.

Mobile friendly capabilities are also something important for local businesses to remember when they are aiming to expand their online presence to reach not only locals but tourists themselves. A site’s mobility matters in such a vast area because it is one of the most effective means of targeting local traffic.


Data Analysis

Data analysis is often a learning experience for many businesses who have not tried the service in the past. Our analysis specialists employ the services of Google Analytics, which displays collected data into easy-to-read charts and graphs for any business size! The key to understanding your market and what they need is to understand them and this can be accomplished through data analysis.


Manage Your Adverts

We are able to pair your business with a consultant who can offer savvy advice regarding the advertising done on your website. Our AdWords specialists are able to offer smart management advice for pay-per-click advertising, as well as different optimisation methods so that you can choose what is best for you – and your profit margin.

Hunter Valley sees millions of visitors per year, so, to allow your advertisements to squander potential profit is incredibly wasteful. We understand that, in such an enlivened holiday spot, there are many opportunities for partnerships between local businesses in the area. Make sure that the adverts on your website work for you.


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Call us today for a free consultation with one of our talented staff. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for digital marketing, so we will work to ensure that your experience with Green Web Marketing is perfectly personalised and actionable.

Are you a Hunter Valley business struggling to survive online? With a proper SEO strategy, you can bring targeted traffic from within the local area straight to your door.


The experts at Green Web Marketing are equipped with the tools and skills you need to drive your web presence to new and exciting heights.

For more information, contact us RIGHT NOW. Let us take away the hassle and get you the results you have always dreamed of.

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Success Stories

We are veterans of many SEO companies in the past and nothing can compare to either the customer service or, more importantly, the results gained from GWM.


CEO, photoboothme.com.au

The talented people at GWM Ranked our website on Page 1 of Google for our main keywords such as ‘Corporate Training’ in only two months.


Executive Manager, Breakthrough

There are a million things I could say about GWM. They have a very strong understanding of best current SEO practices with a genuine passion for you to succeed.


CEO, True Protein

A professional, hard working and compassionate team. I highly recommend GWM to all small and medium sized businesses.


CEO, Essential Need

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