Ben Kierath chose Green Web marketing for two of his businesses, Hoselink and True Protein.
In the video, Ben explains the service he received as well as some extraordinary results.


SEO Port Macquarie

Are you a local Port Macquarie based business looking to build online traffic? Our staff at Green Web Marketing possess the tools and expertise to drive your SEO campaign to new heights.

Google Services

As the only agency of its kind to offer Google Algorithm certification, GWM offers a vast amount of Google service experience to help your local business optimise its online presence.

Data is an important factor that local businesses may use in order to better understand their website traffic. Google Analytics is a service specifically designed to collect data from your website. You are able to access these data reports online, or from your smartphone. It reports data in real time and presents your website’s data in a way that is user friendly and easy to understand.

AdWords Management is a service designed for your business advertisements to appear at or near the top of a Google search or that of another search engine. It can also be customised so that your advertisements show at peak times in your geographic area. With our experienced team of consultants at your back, you can work with AdWords Management to make sure that your local business is seen under relevant searches by valued users located in Port Macquarie.

SEO Services

SEO is essential if you want to create a successful digital marketing presence. Search engine optimisation describes the content on your website, as well as the people that are linked to it. Our specialists understand that a great SEO campaign is able to produce organic search results and generate a consistent traffic to your website.

Web design is an important aspect in SEO service because it remains common sense that a well put together a website is going to garner users than one busy with unwanted advertisements or slow loading speeds. Although advertising is a great source of income for businesses, having too many on a web page can bleed your budget. The number of advertisements and whether your website is running efficiently both have a major impact on whether visitors stay and, also, if they choose to come back.

Content is another aspect of SEO that is very important. SEO professionals often say that content is king because, in order to have a successful website, you need new and engaging content to distinguish yourself from what has already been done. This content has to keep your readers engaged and provide quality, well-written detail for your visitors. It should be well-researched and contain your target keywords. Of course, with GWM in your corner, these will be carefully chosen throughout your SEO campaign and will perfectly suit your website’s SEO needs. When it comes to creating SEO content, think fresh since timely, relevant content rates higher.

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Are you based in Port Macquarie and need your website optimised for SEO? Green Web Marketing has you covered.

Our experts are trained to attract local targeted traffic to your website, meaning more Port Macquarie visitors passing through your doors.

Be ready for the future as our web designs are mobile, responsive and work on all mobile devices. Need an e-commerce site that fosters sales? We can nurture it.

Green Web Marketing is your marketing partner that will help make your business stand out online in the search engines. We offer you different designs and online marketing services catered according to your specific needs.

Let us help you now with your SEO projects and bring more traffic to your site. We cannot promise you the top position on Google, but we will go above and beyond in our efforts to get you there.

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Success Stories

We are veterans of many SEO companies in the past and nothing can compare to either the customer service or, more importantly, the results gained from GWM.


CEO, photoboothme.com.au

The talented people at GWM Ranked our website on Page 1 of Google for our main keywords such as ‘Corporate Training’ in only two months.


Executive Manager, Breakthrough

There are a million things I could say about GWM. They have a very strong understanding of best current SEO practices with a genuine passion for you to succeed.


CEO, True Protein

A professional, hard working and compassionate team. I highly recommend GWM to all small and medium sized businesses.


CEO, Essential Need

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