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Few Australian companies are running around claiming they can get your website on the front page of Google within 90 days but they can’t back it up. Here is the real deal. We guarantee that that we will get you results within 120 days – 30 days longer, true, but a lot more realistic – and that we can show improved page results every step of the way and from the very first month.

Silkwood Medical: Moved to page #1 of Google in 88 days: Revision Rhinoplasty Sydney: 3,000+,  Coolsculpting Sydney: 33,000, Ultherapy Sydney: 50,000 search, Dermabrasion Sydney: 30,000+, Cheek Implants Sydney: 6,000+, and 20+ more Major keywords moved to Page #1 of Google in less than 3 months.

Camera Warehouse: Moved topage #1 of Google in 120 days:  Camera Backpack: 14,800+, Pentax Binoculars: 1,900,  Tripod Bags: 2,000, nd filters: 3,600+, Camera Straps: 12,100+, and 40+ more Major keywords moved to Page #1 of Google in less than 4 months.



SEO Tamworth

Are you a Tamworth based business seeking to improve online visibility? Our SEO specialists at Green Web Marketing come equipped with the proper skills and strategies needed to drive your company to new heights.

SEO Services

Because of the nature of SEO, content is one of the crucial aspects of your campaign with GWM. Target keywords should be well-researched in order to attractive a large amount of customers with simple key phrases. Keywords are picked up by search engines and increases the number of visitors to your website. Your website’s content should be engaging, and different from other existing content on the Web. Search engines will look at the average time that each user spends on your web page, the bounce rate, and how many have returned – all bouncing can be prevented with engaging, relevant content. Visitors are more likely to abandon a website at page one if the page is crowded, runs slowly, or has unimpressive content. This can be tracked through data reporting, and your business can use this information to create a more effective SEO experience.

Design and layout are important aspects of your local business’ website as well. If a website is not well supported and loads slowly or has confused page title tags, visitors will not stay long. A user’s ability to crawl a website, or their ability to navigate through, happens through the use of sitemaps, clear links, tags, and structured content. Aim to create a structured website design that allows your users to easily navigate through to get the information that they need.

Google Services

Other services that our consultant team is able to use to optimize your online presence are Google Analytics and AdWords Management. GWM is the only agency in Australia certified by the Google Algorithm. Our talented staff is primed and ready to teach your local Tamworth business to use these services.

AdWords Management is a great way for businesses to control how search engine users see their advertisements within a search for relevant terms. AdWords allows your local business to choose the geographical area in which the advertisements will appear, and when. Because we know that advertisements cost you money, AdWords management is a prime way to turn those costs into profitable gains.

Google Analytics is a tool that our experts use in order to optimize the way that you collect data from your website and your site’s users. Data collection is important for any business because it helps you to better market to your target audience and improves your products and services. With an effective online presence, you can see data reports in real-time and from the convenience of your mobile device.

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