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Our 120 Day Guarantee

Few Australian companies are running around claiming they can get your website on the front page of Google within 90 days but they can’t back it up. Here is the real deal. We guarantee that that we will get you results within 120 days – 30 days longer, true, but a lot more realistic – and that we can show improved page results every step of the way and from the very first month.

Silkwood Medical: Moved to page #1 of Google in 88 days: Revision Rhinoplasty Sydney: 3,000+,  Coolsculpting Sydney: 33,000, Ultherapy Sydney: 50,000 search, Dermabrasion Sydney: 30,000+, Cheek Implants Sydney: 6,000+, and 20+ more Major keywords moved to Page #1 of Google in less than 3 months.

Camera Warehouse: Moved topage #1 of Google in 120 days:  Camera Backpack: 14,800+, Pentax Binoculars: 1,900,  Tripod Bags: 2,000, nd filters: 3,600+, Camera Straps: 12,100+, and 40+ more Major keywords moved to Page #1 of Google in less than 4 months.



SEO Wollongong

Are you a Wollongong based business looking to build the web presence? Our SEO specialists at Green Web Marketing are equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to build an optimized website.

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Our Google Services

GWM is the only agency in Australia to be certified in the Google Algorithm. This includes AdWords Management and Google Analytics – both of which can play a significant role in your SEO campaign.

AdWords Management is a service used to optimize your local advertising efforts. It is a Google service that helps you to customize which search engine users see your advertisements. With AdWords, you can customize your advertisements so that only those in the Wollongong region can see these advertisements – and at peak times during the day.

Understanding how to analyze data affects how well you do in driving traffic toward your website. Google Analytics among collecting other information through the real-time reporting of data from your website also conveys compiled geographical data of visitors. Access your data from the Web or the convenience of your mobile device!

Effective SEO

Both AdWords and Google Analytics can be important aspects of your SEO campaign. Using SEO well means ranking higher on search engine results for relevant keywords, and this increases traffic to your website and gains to your business.

SEO is about the content on your website, and those linked to it. Content is essential to effective SEO. The type of content that will make your campaign successful is free of error, reflecting current events and newness. It should be unlike what currently exists on the Web. Because keywords are at the core of a successful SEO campaign, our staff will help you do the best research and target the best keywords for both your content and your industry. Create content that is engaging, because search engines will look at average time spent on page, how many users have bounced from the page, and if they have returned. Naturally, you should want to keep your visitors engaged to increase the traffic to your website!

Web design is crucial as well. There can be a few advertisements, but it should not overwhelm visitors. We understand that third party advertisements generate revenue, but to crowd your site with them can cost you organic visits as well as customers. Create a website that is easy to navigate and has appropriate, directive page title tags and headers that help visitors find the relevant information that they were driven toward.

Social Media 

It is not a universally agreed upon essential for SEO, but Social Media can actually help a great deal. It is fundamental to search engine optimization because it provides cost-effective marketing that attracts targeted visitors to your website. It also creates a medium in which to, freely, of course, promote a positive image and gain an online authority among others in your industry.

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Do you want your business to have a stream of clients using your products or services? If you do, the easiest and most cost effective way is by contacting Green Web Marketing and taking advantage of our SEO services.

Increase the number of visitors to your site with our digital marketing techniques and become famous on Google. We can use many different methods to get your website prominently placed on Google’s 1st page with popular and relevant search terms.

See Your Business Featured Online

See your business featured online with local Search Engine Optimisation techniques and increase the number of visits to your website. We give you a range of different exquisite activities with your own unique package catered around your business.

If your budget is tight, we offer a wide selection of custom options that can help your site reach optimum results. We do not lock-in your contract.

Boost your website with the right keywords to identify and target your services. We can give you organic content with important keywords that users search for online.

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When clients have a good experience while viewing your web pages online it leads to positive impressions that produce generating business for you. First impressions count and as online marketing experts, we can help you get noticed.

We will keep your site updated with the latest relevant and unique content keeping your audience engaged. GWM can help you generate new pages for your existing website and refresh it with the features making it more user-friendly.

Let us help you optimize your site so that search engines find your business unique.

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We help you rank higher with our awesome SEO strategies – The best results possible are 100% guaranteed.

We are always there to support and hold your hand during your journey.

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