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    Small Business SEO

    Starting your own business is a hugely exciting endeavour. And now you’ve finally turned your dreams into reality. You’re running your own small business. You’re your own boss. You’re passionate about what you do. And you get to do it on your own terms. 

    While running your own business can be absolutely fantastic, there are times it can be challenging, as well. Navigating the highly competitive business world can be stressful when you need to make a living. Making all the marketing and advertising decisions on top of your regular work can be time consuming. And just opening a shop at an attractive location is not enough to ensure success. 

    That’s why you need small business SEO. 

    If you’re wondering whether small business SEO services are really necessary, the answer is yes. We live in a digital world, and that means your customers do, too. You need to meet your customers and potential customers where they are—and that’s online.
    So, to run your business effectively, reach your ideal customer and get the most out of your local searches, you must have good online visibility. 

    Getting that online visibility is easy—with small business SEO. And once you’ve tapped into that potential you’ll be able to skyrocket your business, overcome your competition and thrive in the online world.


    What are the benefits of small business SEO?

    Let’s consider the following statisticonly 49% of small businesses invest in small business SEO services. So that means, if you’re one of those 49% that have already implemented SEO strategies, you’ve effectively knocked out 51% of your competition already. Congratulations!

    And while you still need to be able to compete against the 49% of businesses that know the benefits of small business SEO, you’re already in a much better position. You definitely don’t want to be in with the 51% of small businesses that either don’t want to invest in small business SEO services or are still indecisive about it.

    When you partner up with Green Web Marketing you’ll get the benefits of the best SEO services for small businesses, and you’ll make it easier for your customers to find you in the vast sea of search engine results. Getting on page one of Google is what matters most, and the best SEO services for small businesses will help you get there.

    At Green Web Marketing our SEO experts will use small business SEO strategies to improve your website by optimising it for both search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more) and humans. Consequently, your website will start to appear in organic search results, growing your online presence and increasing your customer base. Once you start attracting the right customersthose that are looking for the services or products you offeryou’ll have better conversion rates and more sales. You’ll build loyalty with your current customers, while you attract new customers to your business. And, as you appear in more and more search results, your brand awareness and recognition will increase giving you more reach both on and offline.

    At the end of the day, small business SEO is crucial if you want to increase website traffic, appear in search engine results, increase conversions and overcome your competition. And the best way to grab those benefits is to partner up with the expert SEO team at Green Web Marketing.

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    What can you achieve with the best SEO services for small businesses?

    Our expert SEO services can help you achieve the best results for your small business, whether you’re just starting out or have been operating for some time. We can help you rank in the local pack and grab local business, optimise your website to extend your reach and implement other SEO strategies that will build your business into the future. 

    Here are our some of the SEO services we recommend for small businesses:

    • Google My Business Listing

      People turn to Google whenever they need help or service in their own local area. If they have a burst pipe, they need a plumber that’s close by. If they want to meet an accountant in person, it doesn’t help to have one an hour away. That’s why the ‘near me’ search terms are so important. 

      If you want your business to be visible for local searches, you have to set up a Google My Business page. Basic information like your physical location, contact information and working hours will be helpful for someone ‘near you’ looking for the service or product you offer. People can also leave reviews on your Google My Business Page which gives your brand authority and attracts new customers. 

      GMB is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a vital part of a strong small business SEO strategy. And it’s particularly important when you provide in-person services to customers who live in your area.

    • Improve your website with the best SEO practices

      It’s the job of web developers and web designers to create a good-looking website. But that’s not the end of their role. It’s equally important that search engine optimisation practices are implemented (and even prioritised!), as well. If they aren’t, even the best looking website won’t do you much good.

      SEO is what allows your beautiful new website to be visible to your target audience. But unfortunately, most developers and designers neglect to consider these practices during the creation of your website. And that means that you’ll end up with a fantastic website that’s essentially invisible to search engines. 

      Website optimisation is at the core of small business SEO, and is one of the most important of our SEO services. Using proven SEO techniques, we help you improve your website structure, remove any broken pages and create page redirects. We’ll also look into other factors that make your website less search engine friendly and improve them. After we’re done, search engine crawlers will be able to go through your website. They’ll recognise it as something worthy of appearing in search results. Your ranking will improve and so your business will as well.

    • Keyword research and implementation

      If you’re keen to appear in organic search results (and you should be!), keyword research is an essential part of that process. As part of our expert small business SEO services, we’ll look into your competition and analyse the keywords they are trying to rank for and those you are most likely to rank for. We’ll outline the most relevant keywords, and put together a strategy to include these in your website structure and your content and optimise accordingly. Titles, metadata and content on every page should contain relevant keywords, and we’ll make sure that this is done with skill and sensitivity. 

      Without small business SEO services, ranking for relevant keywords becomes effectively impossible. But with those services, the impossible becomes not just possible, but absolutely attainable. When you work with the expert SEO team at Green Web Marketing we not only understand the benefits of small business SEO services, including keyword research, but also how to ensure you capture those benefits for your own business success.

    • Improve and plan your content

      Writing content for your website is one of the things that small business owners often find the most time consuming and frustrating. Figuring out what to write about, how to write it well and even finding the time to publish it​​—those challenges can see you creating less content than you should.

      But creating content is an important part of a successful business. You should be creating valuable copy on every page of your website. You should also develop a blog section and plan your content strategy to include informative pieces, how-to guides or other informative blog posts that answer a question or solve a problem. It’s all about making the right first impression and great content is the key.

      Every piece of content also must be improved and optimised with solid SEO strategies. That means every page should contain both well-written targeted copy and relevant keywords, and on page and technical SEO strategies implemented. 

      At GWM, our dedicated team of expert writers can help you create and implement a content strategy that drives ranking, traffic, conversions and, most importantly, sales. From well-researched blog posts, to targeted case studies, we can research, write and publish content that utilises the best small business SEO practices.

    • Improve website authority

      Building relevant backlinks that lead to your website is the key to improving website authority. And link building is one of many services found in our small business SEO services package. 

      It’s important to recognise that backlinks are an extremely important part of your overall SEO strategy. Our expert link building team is skilled at crafting compelling outreach and obtaining high-quality links from relevant resources. And it’s here that we spend our time and resources, because it’s here that we’ll gain an incredible amount of traction for your business. We’ll also build links in local directories that don’t just drive authority, but also help users find you easily and quickly.

    • Build your social media presence

      Having a strong social media presence is another way to let people know about your brand and your services or products. This is important because people don’t just use Google to find things they need anymore. They also use social media. 

      Social media searches can be used to find products and services people need. And it can be used to find out more about businesses they’ve heard about before working with or buying from them. In either case, a well-crafted, savvy social media strategy will increase your online visibility and presence helping you become entrenched in your target audience’s awareness. Our social media experts can help you determine exactly which social media platforms to focus on to build the right community, increase engagement and build customer loyalty. At GWM we know your social media presence is a great ally to your small business and we’re here to help you maximise those benefits.

    • Monitor and encourage Google reviews

      You can use Google and your Google My Business page to request and publish reviews for your business. Customer reviews are a fantastic way to build trust and authority, and will also be helpful to anyone considering your service. They’re searching for social proof about whether you’re a good operator, and whether they should choose to work with or buy from you. 

      Reviews are also important to building your local SEO. The more reviews you have, the more likely it is that you’ll rank highly for local searches. Of course, you should always closely monitor your Google reviews for any negative feedback. If you do receive a negative review, take action immediately to minimise it or offer a solution to the person’s problem or dissatisfaction. But you don’t have to go it alone. Our small business SEO services can help you seek out, publish and monitor your Google reviews.

    • How can we help your small business thrive?

      At Green Web Marketing we understand small business SEO. And we’re here to make sure that you’re getting all the many (many!) benefits that small business SEO can bring you. 

      We’re happy to chat with you about all aspects of small business SEO, and why your business needs it. We’ll share case studies and success stories that demonstrate both our expertise and the fantastic business outcomes that expertise brought for our clients. 

      Driving a newly-founded business or a long-loved family-owned small business up the ranks of organic Google search results is something we love to do. Our years of experience and expert team mean we’re great at it, too. We’ll spend the time and resources to develop the best strategy for your personalised small business SEO services. And we’ll treat your small business like it was our own, always. 

      Ready to get started? Complete the contact form[link] and let’s schedule your free SEO consultation. Instead of billing you $500 for this consultation, we’ll do it for free and present you with the options to get you the best SEO services for your small business. Partner with GWM Seo Agency Sydney and start building a strong online presence today. It won’t take long for you to become one of our incredible success stories. And all because of the power of our small business SEO services.

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