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Even if you invest in the best, most visually appealing web design, just having a website won’t be enough to increase your traffic and online visibility. It must also be search engine friendly.

If your website isn’t search engine friendly, it might as well be invisible, as it will be highly unlikely to appear in the top ten results on the search engine pages. Of course, proper optimisation is the answer. And in an ideal world, developers would work side by side with SEO consultants to build websites that not only look fantastic, but are also well optimised. Unfortunately, that isn’t often the case.

In fact, developers are rarely ever versed in search engine optimisation. So, while you may get a beautifully designed website, unless it is properly optimised, it will struggle to be found by search engines. That’s one of the big reasons why our clients come to us—because their website doesn’t rank well. And if that’s also you, then we’ll need to start with our website audit service.

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    What is a website audit?

    A website audit is the process of analysing your website with regard to factors that can (and do) hinder your rankings. In other words, your website audit will uncover the list of things that affect your organic website visibility. Once we have this information, we can then identify the areas of improvement that will help your website to grow in both visibility and authority. 

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    Why do you need to perform a website audit?

    Even if your website is search engine friendly and performing well organically, it’s still important that you perform yearly website audits. Your traffic might drop unexpectedly — maybe through a competitor’s own SEO work, after a major Google algorithm update or for another reason entirely. Either way, you can only benefit from running a thorough site evaluation analysis once or twice a year. 

    While yearly (or twice yearly) analysis is important, the main reason why you might need a website audit is to improve your online visibility and grow your business with a SEO strategy. Of course, you can even get a free website audit report online, but the results are limited, and interpreting them into actionable steps that will give you results can be difficult and complex. 

    On the other hand, a professional website audit report will not only outline errors, but suggest the best steps for fixing them. It will also point out the list of keywords you actually rank for so you can see what’s currently working. And it will tackle your biggest competitors so you can understand what they’re up to with their SEO efforts and leverage that information for your own benefit. 

    Finally, a website audit will also uncover any technical issues that might weaken your optimisation efforts. If these issues exist,  we can also help you by conducting a technical audit so that you can create a better user experience.

    Is your website search engine friendly?

    A website SEO audit will answer this question for you. Get in touch to set one up today, and you can start reaping the benefits of your SEO efforts as soon as possible. 

    Green Web Marketing has a solution for all your search engine optimisation problems.

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    What problems can be solved with a website audit?

    The best, most complete search engine optimisation includes a website audit service to uncover the most common website issues. These include:

    • Page loading speed. People have an extremely low tolerance for slow websites. If your website takes too long to load, your visitor will most likely just close the tab and go back to their search results. On the other hand, a fast website can improve both your user experience and your SEO. And since Google uses website loading speed as a ranking factor, your primary goal is to speed it up. Whatever might be slowing down your website, from unoptimised images to slow server response time, a website audit will uncover all these issues.

    • Mobile-friendliness. As part of your website audit we’ll analyse whether your website is mobile friendly. And if it’s not, we’ll get to the bottom of why it’s not. In today’s world, 54.8% of searches come from mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll lose this source of traffic. It’s also one of Google’s biggest ranking factors, and so vital to your SEO strategy. A professional website audit will analyse your mobile friendliness and suggest how to improve pages that don’t appear or work well on mobile devices.

    • Crawling issues. In order for Google to rank your website, your pages have to be indexed. No matter how much optimisation work you do, your website will only be able to appear in Google search results, if Google was able to crawl that page and make it visible. If you have any issues with indexing this will be tackled with a website technical audit.

    • 301 redirects. A website audit will check whether redirects are implemented and implemented properly, or if users are redirected to a page that doesn’t exist. If a user ends up on a page that doesn’t exist, they will get an error and they will leave your website. But, if you implement 301 redirects, users will be automatically redirected to a new or a different page which gives you another chance to capture their interest. 

    • SSL certification. Google favours secure websites over those that are not. When it comes to google ranking factors, HTTPS officially matters.

    • Sitemap. If you want Google’s crawlers to reach every page, you’ll need a sitemap. If you have a properly implemented sitemap XML, it will help you in your search engine ranking efforts. If you’re not sure whether you even have a sitemap file, a website audit service will answer this question for you.

    • Block web pages from indexation. You can also block certain web pages from indexation with a robots.txt file. This is something that you might need for a very specific reason, and not all websites will. But if your website could benefit from a robots.txt file, a website audit can make sure it’s properly implemented.

    • Structured data. Structured data is another important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Structured data snippets make it easier for Google to understand the information on each page of your website. But if it’s not implemented correctly, Google (and other search engines) won’t understand your content. And you won’t benefit from getting additional traffic.

    • On-page optimisation elements. Title tags, meta description, headings, url structure, images, internal and external linking and html tags are all optimisation factors that Google looks for when ranking websites. A website audit will seek out any gaps in on-page optimisation elements and give you easy-to-implement suggestions on how to improve them.

    • Links. No matter if we’re talking about internal or external links, they all need to be checked. Some links might be broken or some deleted. Some might even have no-follow attributes. None of this is good for ranking purposes and a website audit will help you find and fix them.

    • Backlink portfolio. Some backlinks are good for your website, while others are not. Not every backlink coming from an external website will improve your rankings. A website SEO audit will evaluate all links pointing to your website and help you determine which ones are relevant and which ones are harmful. You can then decide whether you’ll disavow or delete harmful backlinks.

    • Competitor analysis. Your competitor analysis might be last on the list, but it’s just as important as the other elements. In your competitor analysis we’ll map out keywords you should rank for to beat the competition. And it will help you learn about the best content practices, backlink opportunities and other search optimisation tactics you can use to rank better than your competition.

    • Overall user experience. Metrics like bounce rate, click-through rate, dwell time and other factors that make or break a user experience can be easily solved if you have a professional conduct a thorough website audit.

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